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Upholstery cleaning is one of the most complicated things cleaners encounter due too all of the different types of material that are on the market, That’s why it’s all the more important you hire a IICRC certified company like GLOBAL CARPET CLEANING to perform this cleaning service for you. It is very important the person or company performing this service is knowledgeable of the different types materials and the correct cleaning process for each one 


Tips and Tricks for Extending the Life of Your Furniture


  • To keep colors from fading, try arranging the piece of furniture so that it receives minimal direct sunlight
  • Check your furniture’s labels before using store-bought spotter.
  • Periodically vacuum your upholstered pieces. It isn’t always as visible, but dust settles on furniture just as it does shelves and flooring.
  • Refrain from leaving newspaper on upholstery. If the ink transfers, it can prove very difficult to take out
  • Don’t drape dark-colored blankets over upholstery. The dye can attach itself to your furniture
  • Beat the cushions and vacuum regularly when caring for “well-loved” furniture. This provides an even distribution for the wear and tear a piece sustains over time.

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