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Not only the terrace or the balcony needs cleaning in spring and autumn. Your awning also needs care. Whether commercial space or private households – awnings are now an integral part of the equipment and accompany us throughout the summer.

Correspondingly, soiling from weather and environmental influences occurs on the awning, which is immediately noticeable. Regular cleaning and care, taking into account the materials used, are crucial. In order to avoid a negative impression of your guests and friends, Global Carpet Cleaning offer you a professional awning cleaning.

Our goal is to clean your awning or roller shutter professionally and also to protect the awning against external influences in the long term. For this reason, we not only clean the surface, but also clean the awnings down to the pores and protect them sustainably through impregnation. We will then advise you on sensible protective measures in order to maintain the value and service life of your awning in the long term. Our experienced employees use gentle cleaners and algae removers that do not attack any color prints on your awning and thus the surface structure is preserved. If all help comes too late and your old awning can no longer be saved, we repair damaged fabric parts and surfaces with Smart Repair or are happy to advise you on the new model.

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