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mold remediation

Don’t give mold a chance – In the event of an infestation, Global Carpet Cleaning immediately intervene with our cause analysis and targeted measures to ensure complete removal of the mold. Regardless of the reason for mold growth, immediate action should be taken to avoid health risks and maintain the value of the property.

Common causes of damage caused by mold infestation

– Cracks and weak points in the masonry, leaking (flat) roofs and connections.
– High room humidity with low ventilation (or with little air circulation)
– Thermal problems with incorrectly executed or non-existent insulation.
– Previous water damage (burst pipe, flooding)
– In new buildings, mold often occurs due to drying times that are too short

For the permanent elimination of mold and the existing damage, we work with system solutions for mold disinfection, air sterilization and moisture regulation.

Why are we the best for mold remedition cleaning?

In addition to the health hazards, mold on the walls also reduces the value of the entire building. Chemical agents (antifungicides) do not eliminate the causes of mold and are usually harmful, as these agents often contain heavy metals such as lead or even arsenic. We solve the problem holistically:

– Analysis of the causes (including report)
– Upon request, you will receive an expert opinion on mold problems
– We completely remove mold (mold disinfection).
– We sterilize and clean the room air to avoid new infestations
– In order to prevent renewed mold growth, we find measures to remedy structural and insulation defects
– We rehabilitate all affected areas / components sustainably

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